I’m Andrew Horvath, Executive Chairman of Star Scientific Limited. Welcome to my blog, where I’ll share my thoughts on the critical future of the energy crisis – but it probably won’t be what you’ll hear in the popular press.

This is not a blog about carbon tax, political point-scoring and Band-Aid solutions. It’s about the bigger picture. It’s about a safe, affordable, clean energy that will last for generations to come.

It’s about looking beyond the present to develop an alternative energy source that will power our progress for generations to come. It’s about fusion.

Fusion is the future. Not only because it will save our planet and solve the energy crisis once and for all, but because fusion energy will change our lives in ways we can barely imagine – from electricity to transport, technology to medicine.

Fusion offers us a glimpse of a brave new world. To get there we need to think big – and we need to do it now.